Our Services

NSF trains all educationists on STEAM education and 21st century skills in order to keep them abreast of the new world of work. On organizational capacity building, the company can train on any topic as regards the needs of our clients i.e.- NSF trained mid-level management staff of Ministry Of Defense successfully on Project Risk Management.

Our Collaborators

• Private Sector: Cambridge Education through DFID Education Sector Support Program in Nigeria (ESSPIN) and Teacher Development Program (TDP)

• Charities and non-governmental organizations: OANDO Foundation

• Global Partnership for Education/Nigerian Partnership For Education Project (NIPEP)

• State Governments: Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board /Enugu State College of Education Technical.

• Federal Government: Universal Basic Education (UBEC) and Ministry of Defense

NSF Developments limited is TRCN (Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria) accredited to deliver Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs for teachers in Nigeria.


Head Teachers and their Assistants

• School leadership and management.

• Teacher training and support.

• Mentoring of teachers

School Support Officers

• Monitoring and mentoring of teachers.

• Classroom management.

• Learner centered pedagogy and subject content knowledge.

• Professional Standards for teachers.

Education Managers

• School Leadership and teacher development.

• STEAM education.


•Learner centered pedagogy.

•Classroom management.

•Literacy and numeracy.

•Subject content knowledge.

•STEAM Education.

•Development of no-cost low cost educational materials

•Professional standards for teachers.

•21st century skills of the new world of work.

Master Trainers

• Subject content knowledge in literacy and numeracy.

• Digital literacy and self-study.


We provide consultancy services in the following areas: Action research and Strategic planning.

Property development

NSF Developments Limited works with organisations by training them to be more productive, effective and efficient.

Events management

We set-up and manage events of various sizes and purposes for clients all over the nation.


Master Trainers


Education officers


Mid-Level M-S M-D


Schools Transformed